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    Our Mission/Our Warranty: 

    We aim to provide each and every customer with an accurate repair, restore each vehicle to pre-accident condition, and provide the best customer service in the industry.  We are so confident in our ability to do so, we guarantee our paint and body work for as long as you own your vehicle.

    Meet Our Staff:

    We are a family owned and locally operated auto body and collision repair facility that has been serving the Rogue Valley since 1995. Our paint and body work is performed by highly trained, certified technicians and is backed with a lifetime warranty.

    To Protect Our Planet: 

    We are making strides each day to further protect our environment through the products we use and our disposal of waste.  We use Spies Hecker High Solids paint, which is produced with the environment in mind, and is rated #1 with DEQ.  Spies Hecker High Solids is a Greentec product and VOC compliant, contains 30% less solvents, and is lead, chromium, and titanium free.

    Insurance Claim Processing:

    When you choose Anderson Auto Body & Paint for your vehicle’s repair needs, we will take you through the Insurance claim process, from crash to completion.  We are able to work with all insurance companies, and are a Direct Repair Shop (DRP) for the most prominent insurance companies around.

    Proud Supporters of the following programs.

    In order to align ourselves with the community and the many organizations designed to empower and educate our youth, we have partnered with and sponsored various programs to aide in the strengthening of our future communities.

    Below is a graphic of some of the programs we are involved with.

  • Fire

    Inside the Burnt Booth itselfA mess on the roofVentilation on the roof completely ruinedCloseup of melted paint booth panelOur saviors, the Fire DepartmentOrigin of the fireThe CulpritFresh air!

    It's true, we had a fire.  However, we have continued to do quality auto body repair.  While we have been slowed due to the fire, restoration and remodeling, we will be back to our old selves around the shop here pretty soon.  It all started from static electricity from a highly charged combination of a dirty rag and a plastic bumper during a day full of electrical storms.  Not cool.  Our painter was holding the rag when it caught fire. Upon dropping the rag and removing it from the booth, our ventilation system inside the paint booth sucked the flames through the booth and attached itself to each and every little flammable particle you could imagine exists in an environment such as this.  Quick reaction time from us and super fast response from the Fire dept. saved us and the neighborhoods behind us from a real tragedy.  We will overcome this and come back looking and doing better than ever.  Thank you to the community of Ashland and the rest of the Rogue Valley for it's patience and continued support during our recovery.  ~Anderson Auto Body

  • How is Total Loss Value Calculated?

    Follow the link below for some clarity as to how your car's evaluated for a possible total loss.

    Whaddya mean my car is totaled?

  • Our Social Presence is Real

    Our Facebook page is packed with humorous yet informative posts from our Marketing Manager extraordinaire, Brian, who it appears really likes to see himself on screen.  You can also visit our Instagram page for many of those same posts as well as some pretty awesome photography of not only cars but also around the body shop and various points in the Rogue Valley.

  • Plant A Tree for the Planet

    Follow this link for more information on a program we developed along with Lomakatsi in an effort to help restore and protect our beautiful forests and the streams that flow through them.

  • Stuff at a Body Shop

    Sanding Blocks for Shaping and Fine Tuning     







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