white-recycle-symbolWe are making strides each day to further protect our environment through the products we use and our disposal of waste. We use Spies Hecker High Solids paint, which is produced with the environment in mind, and is rated #1 with DEQ. Spies Hecker High Solids is a Greentec product and VOC compliant, contains 30% less solvents, and is lead, chromate, and titanium free.

Our paint booth is OSHA approved and is equipped with a complete filtration system that filters out 99% of impurities, and recycles its own heat, making the booth energy efficient as well. We believe strongly in the importance of reducing our waste.

We recycle most of the materials used here in the shop and office, including: paper, cardboard, bumper covers, headlamps, paint waste, fluids, radiators, air conditioner condensers, tires, wheels, metal car parts, and more. We use liners when painting, as opposed to paint cans, further reducing the amount of waste accrued each day.

We are trying to become a little more green each day, understanding that little changes make a profound difference.


Follow this link for more information on a program we developed along with the Lomakatsi Restoration Project in an effort to help restore and protect our beautiful forests and the streams that flow through them.



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Whether you need a complete paint job or a simple touch-up, our crew at Anderson Auto Body & Paint has you covered.  

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We are confident in our ability to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Watch the video above to see us restore an actual customer vehicle.