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11/12/2020  I  tore the bumper off my Honda and took it in pieces to Anderson. I left it in the afternoon and picked up the next morning. The cost was reasonable, exactly what they quoted. it was a pleasure to do business with Anderson. YELP

8/16/2020   I will ALWAYS suggest Anderson Auto Body & Paint to anyone who needs bodywork to their vehicular babies! My entire rear end needed replacing and they took care of EVERYTHING! The fellas there were incredibly knowledgeable and their work is pristine! They also kept in touch (and tolerated my check in calls with admirable good nature ?) and. with all of the extensive work needed, I still got my Chester (my truck) looking good as new in less than a week! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five stars (out of 5) for sure!! Thanks fellas for the immaculate work on my Chester! I hope I never need ya again but, I'm glad to know ya in case I do! You're officially my Auto Body guys for life! 

1/28/2020   Wow!!! I am so impressed with this company. I highly recommend them if your car needs to be repaired!!!  Google

8/19/2019   I hit a deer and took my RAV4 to Anderson Auto Body because it was highly recommended. What a great job they did! My car looks better than before and drives perfectly. Brian and Aurel and their team were helpful and responsive to all my questions, I got a great loaner car that I only kept a week because they are so efficient! Interfacing with State Farm was a breeze. They gave me a warranty, some beautiful chocolates, and planted a tree through Lomakatsi. I don’t recommend hitting deer, (poor thing I don’t know what happened to hi ) but when you do, take it to Andersons.  Facebook

8/2/2019    The Best Service.  My car looks brand new.  Thank you very much for your kindness.  Pleasure Meeting you.  Karen A.  YELP

3/22/2019  Friendly service and very professional. Car was sparkling clean and body work A+. Excellent communication. Highly recommend this company. And they contribute to the Lomakatsi Restoration Project with a donation to plant a seedling. Yelp

2/19/2019  Anderson’s really took care of me and my brand new car with front end damage. I was understandably devastated and the guys were sympathetic/ reassuring and restored my month-old Outback to the way it was when it came off the car lot. I highly recommend the shop, although I hope I never need auto body repair ever again, I would absolutely get the work done here. Google

2/12/2019  Great customer service. This is my fourth time using them for both an insurance claim and personal. Very accommodating and polite. Highly suggest them. Google

8/17/2018  Amazing customer service! Guy is such a polite, friendly and professional human! The work they did on my Subaru door was nothing short of perfection. GREAT place!  Google

5/18/2018  The only thing i can say about Anderson Auto Body is Aurel and Brian, and the whole staff rate off the scale. They took care of me and my Beautiful 2013 Subaru Outback. Nothing for them was impossible, and just truly magnificent. I needed a loaner pop there it was, no muss nor fuss, all easy peasy for them. If you need any type of repair, this is the place to go. Thumbs up to these guys. YELP

3/27/2018  Met timeframe as agreed. Repairs perfect. Refurbished none damaged body with buffing and wax as a courtesy. Cleaned interior nicely. Google

3/21/2017-  I have had to bring my vehicles to Anderson a few times over the years & EVERY single time I'm VERY IMPRESSED!!!  ALL of the staff is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable & trustworthy. The estimates are always quick, fair & correct.  Very informative on what is happening & when it is happening to my vehicle.  The work is done right on time.  The convenience of them providing a car rental for me to use is also very helpful.  I will never go anywhere else. Marie J. YELP

2/24/2017-   My goodness! They gave me an estimate and it was correct to the penny. Dropped my car off on a Monday and it was done three days later exactly when they said it would be. Perfect job, in fact, they threw in an additional repair that they spotted later FOR FREE. When I came to pick up my car, it was washed, the interior had been cleaned, there was a box of chocolates on the front seat and the invoice came with a card that said the company had paid to have a tree planted for me as a thank you for doing business with them. Talk about going the distance! Very, very happy with these folks. Will surely use them again. Jeffrey G.  YELP

8/31/2016 -  An absolute joy to do business with, I would never hesitate to continue using Anderson for any and all my body shop needs.
I have a big, beautiful truck. Under the front bumper is a large rubber/plastic facia that got pushed in when it lost a fight with a boulder. Nothing on the truck was scratched and as I was thinking about trying to bang it back into shop myself I noticed some of the hardware holding it in place was snapped off.
Having reached an age where I try to learn from my mistakes I knew I'd just make it worse. I was a bit worried that was too small a job, that they'd insist on replacing the part which probably cost hundreds of dollars.
Much to my delight under half a day, a ride home and for a fraction of what I was concerned about and my truck looks brand new.
This was my second visit, the first was much more severe a repair but in each case I left 100% satisfied and pleased that I'd decided to use this company.  Mark P. on YELP

4/18/2016  I recently used Anderson Auto Body for the first time, for a crushed rear bumper and side panel. Oh my word was I impressed! From the time I walked in the door, I was treated with courtesy, professionalism and most importantly kindness. Every step of my repair was detailed out for me, and I was given options, as I did not want to file a claim but needed to pay out of pocket. Aurel Jarcov initially met me. He was SO nice to me that I told him he reminded me of my brothers, who also would have had empathy for my situation. Brian was just as nice, and Paul, the detailer, not only gave me and my standard poodle a thoroughly enjoyable ride back home but treated me like a friend. Their work was nothing short of stellar. Additionally, after I retrieved my car I discovered that the tail light was defective and the directional was not working. When I brought the car back the next day three different men rushed out to take a look, and when it was determined to be a defective part, Aurel ordered not one but two more tail lights, so as to ensure that I would not have any further delay in a complete repair. I have recently moved to Ashland, and I am so impressed. I told the guys that I hoped not to need to see them again anytime soon, which then prompted them to invite me for coffee! This business truly deserves their 5 star rating. Management should be intensely proud; it is amazing to find customer service this great these days. Thanks to all of them at Andersons for turning what was a very upsetting thing for me into a positive life experience. I couldn't be happier.

 3/20/2016 - There is no question that Anderson Auto Body is the best, well-run body shop in Southern Oregon--without a doubt! We had a sideswipe accident and knew that Anderson had the best reputation in our area for this work. We underestimated how good they were--even with this reputation. The quote was very reasonable, they dealt with the insurance company, they loaned us a car while ours was being fixed, and when it was returned, this Honda Element looked brand new! We had a wax job--one of the best values ever--and the Element was even cleaned immaculately inside. We cannot recommend higher than we did--in fact, if there were additional stars, we'd give Anderson a ten-star rating! Thank you for being such a great customer-oriented business--you're the best! Dennis and Judy

2/26/2016 -  Anderson Auto Body and Paint was friendly and helpful the entire time. They take care of their customers and the work they do. They went above and beyond what they had to do to help me. They fixed my car after it was involved in a hit and run. After I got it back, I noticed that my parking permit was gone, I called them and asked them if they knew what happened, they looked up my information and immediately realized what happened. They replaced the glass along with my liftgate, getting rid of my parking permit. They immediately apologized and offered to pay for my replacement permit. Hopefully I won't need any more work done on my car, but if I do, I will definitely come here. Kayla J. YELP

 11/2/2015 - This business is fabulous. Excellent customer service throughout the process. Our car was hit and needed a new bumper. Took our car to Anderson and they walked me through the process.  They handled all the paperwork with the insurance, ordered a new bumper provided me with a rental car and finished the job in less than 24 hours once they received the bumper.  The new bumper was installed perfectly and looks just like it did when the car was new. The car was washed and ready when promised. The body work is excellent and what one would expect but the best was the customer service. Thank you Anderson for the great work and the box of chocolates! ~ Ann T.  Yelp

10/22-2015 - Took my Rav-4 in for a fix-up after an accident. Left rear corner of the car was smashed in and mangled. Everybody here was very friendly and professional, kept me in the loop about their progress and got things done in a timely manner for the level of repair work needed. Three weeks later it's as good as new! Definitely keep this place in mind if you need some body work done. ~ Nick W. Yelp

10/5/2015 - I hit an animal with my Toyota Corolla and there was a lot of damage. Anderson's was recommended to me and I'm so happy that I took my car there, they explained all the body work that was needed and went through what they had ordered and why. My order for parts came in two days after I had ordered them and my car was done in just over a day. When I picked up my car it looked better than the day I had bought it, they cleaned the exterior and the interior and it was so well done! The guys at Anderson's are great and this is an amazing place to take your car, they're professional, helpful and very knowledgeable! Thank you Anderson's!  ~Rachel S.  Yelp

7/18/2015 - I stopped by Anderson Auto Body to have them take a look at my Tundra.  I had a list of small things to do - mirror tightening, door handle tightening, polish the headlight covers and change the fog light bulbs - this last one is the most interesting as ) Toyota warns the owner that they could damage the seals if one attempted a DIY job.  The Toyota dealership told me his techs take a half hour per fog light to change the bulb!  No problem at Anderson, they had me prepared for the worst cost-wise and I was shocked that they came in well under their estimate for the work.  They under promised and over delivered, just what you want with any service.  You cannot go wrong with this outfit in my opinion!  ~Los S.  Yelp

10/2/2015 - Just picked up our car after a deer hit it, and caused substantial damage. Anderson was totally responsive and did a wonderful job. They finished on time and the car looks beautiful. We got the car back one week after the incident.They were very easy to work with and had photos of the car throughout the entire process for us to view. They worked very well and quickly with the insurance company. I usually do not offer written recommendations, but they really deserved it! ~ B. Rexon Google+

9/20/2015 - Love these guys! They fixed a crunchy scratch on the passenger side rear tire area on my VW bug--good as new. What I was most impressed with was their customer service; always kept me in the loop and when they called to tell me they had underestimated some of the work they didn't charge me! Unheard of! Love that the estimate was solid and didn't "creep" up. Also: I was given a delicious box of Ashland's own Branson's gourmet chocolates when I picked my car up (which had been nicely vacuumed too by the way). Top notch service and excellent body work! ~Erika T. Yelp

3/18/2015 - Took my car in to get an estimate. The staff was very friendly, took a few pictures of my car, and I was on my way with an estimate in less than ten minutes. When I got around to actually having the car fixed, I brought it in one morning, they gave me a FREE loaner car to use while they had mine, which was a total lifesaver, and I got my car back good as new just 3 1/2 days later. The staff was very friendly, fast, and professional the entire time, and I was extremely happy with every part of my experience at Anderson's. ~Review W. Yelp

7/15/2015 - A driver under the influence wrecked the entire left side of our Acura. Anderson took care of everything. A perfect paint match, factory perfect fit of fenders, moulding and doors. You cannot tell anything ever happened. Brilliant service and customer care. Wow. Just, WOW. ~Chip L.   Google+

10/1/2014 - "Dear Rick & Anderson Auto Body Shop Team, Thank you so very much for the excellent work you did fixing my car like new again. You made a bad experience of having my car rear ended into an easy fix.  I appreciated your quality work, service, and communication through the repair process. You guys are the best!  I've been telling all my friends they can trust Anderson Auto Body for work on their cars.  Best Regards."  Nancy T. sent in by mail

9/27/2014 - "I searched two other Auto repair shops in Medford and I chose Anderson Auto & Paint of Ashland. They were friendly and honest in their repair cost. I SAVED over $1000.00. I am very happy with the work that was done and highly recommend their business to anyone that wants the best quality of service. Thank You Dave and the crew of Anderson Auto Body & Paint." Linda S. on Google+

9/1/2014 - "I took my Miata to Anderson to get my fender repaired. They told me the car would be in the shop for 4 days, but it actually only took them 2 days to do the work after all. I was excited to get my car back so soon. I was even happier when I saw that the work done was beautiful, and they even washed my car for me (which was filthy when i brought it in)! They truly went the extra mile taking care of me, and after paying for the work, they gave me some chocolates to take home, so I of course went home a happy girl! Thanks Anderson Auto Body staff!!" Micha A. on Google+

8/15/2014 - "Efficient, clean, helpful.  Always a good experience." Susan A. on Yelp

8/9/2014 - "We had a minor fender bender & the other driver's insurance was paying. Anderson's was so easy to work with from scheduling the repairs to answering questions to making sure our car looked great again. Thanks!" Dan C. on Yelp

7/1/2014 - "Two of us had a little "fender bender" car backup dance in the Coop parking lot, so I took my Prius to Anderson's for a bid. They were fast, courteous, friendly, professional, and worked great with the insurance company. They not only did a fast and great job replacing my bumper, but they totally washed and vacuumed the car inside and out (and I had not done that in quite a while!!). In addition, they gave me a loaner car for the night and next day because I had errands to run and couldn't use their shuttle service. In addition, they gave me $40 off for bringing in canned food for the needy. And to top the service off, they gave me a box of chocolates as a thank you for doing business with them. Now how can you beat all that in addition to a good repair job! I definitely recommend them for auto body work." B.C. Lamb on Google+

5/1/2014 - "This is a well run shop. Staff is friendly, professional and courteous. Their body work is prompt, reasonably-priced and flawless. They worked seamlessly with my insurance company. I've used this shop three times and can't imagine why someone in the Ashland-Medford area would go elsewhere." - Doug F. on Google+

3/13/2014 - "This my third excellent experience working with the staff at Anderson Auto Body of Ashland. Dave, Aurel and the rest of the staff run one of the most professional and thorough shops I have ever dealt with. My 2002 Porsche Boxster was returned to me looking like a new vehicle. Detail and professional work is what their shop is about. I would not take my car anywhere else in the valley for repair. Thanks for the great service." - John B. on Google+

3/5/2014 - "Thank you for the excellent work you did on repairing the rear bumper of my car.  It looks great!  I appreciate you working with me on setting up a convenient time and day to the repairs.  My crazy work schedule and long hours was a challenge to get the job done.  And thank you for the candy.  It is yummy!" - Lynda L. sent in by mail

2/5/2014 - "Dear Anderson Auto Body, When I had my recent vehicle accident many things went wrong.  When my car was able to be towed to you, Anderson's, my terrible experience turned golden.  The staff, the quality of work, helpfulness, and car rental were amazing!  Thank you! Then on top of the excellence, I received a free massage to the Blue Giraffe from you.  Words can not express how grateful & happy I am with your business." - Andrea B. sent in by mail

1/15/2014 - "I would like to say thank you for an exceptional job done on my car.  The service was top notch, the work was excellent and the customer service was the best I have ever had.  I can't say enough about Dave and his staff.  When I picked up my car it had been not only washed but detailed, something I have never experienced.  Thank you, Dave and crew!" - Carole T. on Yelp

1/13/2014 - "I haven't needed auto body work very often, but if I ever need it again, this is where I will go. The folks at Anderson's should give lessons in how to execute excellent customer service -- they were SO great to work with. Friendly, courteous, fast and they took care of every detail with insurance to make the process as convenient for us as possible. They did a great job fixing my husband's truck and they made us feel like honored guests every time we entered their shop. They are really nice folks and do great work. I can't recommend them highly enough!" - Dee Perez on Google+

12/16/2013 - "Snow and ice made for a slippery day, and we went sliding into a parked vehicle. Our mechanic recommended Anderson and we called, were told to COME ANYTIME. so we did, and they took the car right in, gave us a lift to Al's for lunch, picked us up an hour later, sent us home with a perfectly repaired door and a box of yummy gourmet chocolates. Now on a ten scale that is a 10 to the 10th power. or for the less nerdy, that's complete customer satisfaction. Try them out - I can't imagine you would regret it." - Lorraine V. on Yelp

12/10/2013 - "Dear Dave-  You made my car look new again and beautiful from the hub caps to the hood and bumper & new license plate!!  Many thanks to you for a great job.  Also, thank you for the elegant chocolates.  It has been a pleasure!  Aloha" - Carol S. sent by mail

11/25/2013 - "My car was totaled with repairs estimated at over $2,500.00. I took it to Anderson and asked them to make all necessary repairs and to try to keep the cost as low as possible. They did a very practical repair, and my car is street legal and looks pretty good. My total cost of repairs was only $630.00. They even waxed my car and cleaned my tires. Service was very friendly. I am most impressed by their fairness, honesty, and willingness to work within my budget." - Briana R. on Yelp

11/19/2013 - "To be honest, I was torn between keeping the insurance check or getting my rear bumper repaired.  I am glad of my choice.  They did a beautiful job.  The whole crew was efficient and friendly.  And I am pleased to see my old car looking like new.  Thank you." - Mary Santure sent by mail

10/17/2013 - "I appreciate the excellent repair work Anderson recently performed on my car.  The car was restored perfectly, and the people at Anderson were extremely courteous, helpful, and professional in every way.  We were very thankful for the loaner car.  And the sweet box of chocolates we were given when we picked up our car was a nice touch." - Kelly Conlan through andersonautobody.com

7/17/2013 - "Noticed some scratches on the rear quarter-panel of a rental car, wanted to see what it would take to fix things.  Called them, they said "Happy to take a look - bring it over".  I did, they looked, and said "Let's buff it out a bit and see what we have."  One of the guys did a *solid* job on the buffing, that was all it took, and they said "No charge - have a great day!"  While I was watching the work being done I looked around the shop - tile floors (easy to clean, easy to see stuff on), paint room, *very* clean and tidy shop.  Glad I called them and stopped by, happy to come back again." - Harlan S. on Yelp

6/15/2013 - "I had my rear end smashed and they got me in the very next morning and had my car ready in 4 days as promised. They were super friendly and helpful and worked with my insurance directly. They made getting over my accident so much easier! The quality of the work was great and I would recommend them to anyone who needs autobody work done." - Stacey Romney on Google+

6/1/2013 - "It was a pleasure to do business with Anderson Auto Body. They are an independent, local business, which is important to us. They took care of all the insurance paperwork flawlessly - we didn't have to do anything except a quick phone call and online claim for with our insurance company. The work was completed on time and professionally. Dave and the whole staff was friendly and showed they really appreciated our business. Nice little touches like washing and vacuuming our car, a thank you card and a small box of chocolates." - Dave Brennan on Google+

5/8/2013 - "EXCELLENT! I have been going to Anderson Autobody for over 3 years and have always gotten excellent service that is pleasant, prompt, high quality, with fair prices. This is a family run operation and I try to support family organizations when they meet my standards. The owner, Dave Anderson, escaped from communist Romania in the early 80's and went through many trials to come here and live the American Dream. He's doing it via hard work and a positive attitude and he makes a great contribution to our community. Ask Dave to tell you the story of his escape from Romania-it's a fascinating story." - Doug Munro on Google+

4/3/2013 - "I brought my elderly minivan here after being rear-ended (and then rear-ending the person in front of me).  The folks at Anderson were straight shooters 100% of the time, told me everything they were doing or thought they would need to do, and took pictures to document all the work, which was meticulously performed.  They also detailed the inside of my car before handing it back over.  

About a month after bringing it home, a heavy rain left the rear carpet soaking wet.  I brought it back into them thinking perhaps a door seal had been poorly reinstalled.  They tested out the car, discovered that the seals in and around the taillights were worn out, and replaced them and re-caulked the space between the lights and the body, all at no cost.  To the best of my knowledge, they hadn't touched those lights in the course of the original repair, so all of that work was a very generous bonus.  I can't recommend them highly enough if you happen to need body work in Ashland." - Sarah D on Yelp

3/28/2013 -  "Thank You everyone @ Anderson Auto Body! The level of service I received was above & beyond. Dave, Aurel , Galina and the whole crew were professional . I think anyone who lives in the Rogue Valley should use Anderson Auto Body" - Elise Passante on facebook

3/27/2013 -  "We were involved in an auto accident which resulted in damage to the drivers side rear door. We received bids and choose Anderson Auto Body in Ashland since it was close and the best bid. They were extremely courtious and friendly and did a fantastic job in restoring the car to its original condition. They even offer to drive you home while the car is being restored. They told us the car would be ready by Thursday at the latest and were able to get it back to us on Wednesday, a day early. This is a family business and everyone who handled us went out of their way to be friendly and helpful to us. Great people." - Ralph Fidler on Google+

3/19/2013 - "I had some body work done on my Rav4 Toyota and was very happy with the results. Everyone at the shop is very professional and helpful. They even did a few touch ups on some scratches without additional charge. They have a shuttle service that will transport you back home and to the shop when your vehicle is ready. I would definitely use them again." - Doris D. on Yelp

3/11/2013 - "To everyone at Andersons, I can't tell you how pleased I am with the repair you did to my car and how kind and caring you are to your customers.  It is so refreshing to do business with dedicated, hard working people (and chocolates no less!).  Thank you so much, I ll be in for a tune-up." - Sally Swartz sent in by mail

3/1/2013 - "I was met with friendly people, outstanding service, and affordable pricing. Not to mention a sweet little surprise gift of chocolate when I came to pick up my car. Everyone with whom I interacted was lovely and polite. I also got my car back in less than a week. If I ever need any more help with my car, I would definitely return here." - Jessie Weigel on Google+

2/23/2013 -  "These guys were so great, dropped me off, picked me up, gave me chocolates, and cleaned my car, inside and out. I'm not kidding! Super friendly, hard working, honest, and fair prices too. Keep up the great works guys. Thanks." - David at Rising Phoenix Biofuels on facebook

2/7/2013 - "Definitely would recommend the service from Anderson autobody - found them by a recommendation from my Farmer's Insurance agent - anyway the service was amazing at Anderson and would absolutely recommend to anyone for any type of repair! They did exactly what they promised and more!" - Megan Mitchell on facebook

2/5/2013 - "Would recommend Anderson Autobody & Paint to anyone and everyone who needs their vehicle repaired. Expected my damaged bumper would need to be replaced and was relieved to be told it could be repaired instead, and for much less. They did an excellent repair job in just one day, drove me home and later picked me up, and even presented me with a box of chocolates and a thank you note. Lovely family, impeccable workmanship." - Judith Sundaram on Google+

11/28/2012 -  "How blessed we are to have "Anderson Auto Body & Paint" in our community!I had a 'too close for comfort' encounter with my car and a fence and recently visited Anderson for a remedy. I was met with efficiency, kindness, affordability and excellence. For your auto body and basic repairs, consider this wonderful family-owned business. You'd be doing yourself and your vehicle a big favor." - Heather Hutton on Facebook

11/1/2012 - "I have had two awesome experiences with Anderson. Last Spring my daughter s car was vandalized and needed a repair. They were able to get the car in at my earliest convenience, they gave me advice to help in decisions, and the car was ready as promised and looked great. The second experience with Anderson occurred after I backed into a trailer hitch on a residential street :/ and damage the hatch door on my minivan. I was very upset that I would have to file a claim after going so long without any accidents or tickets. The car was repaired beautifully and on time. Kirkland and the other staff are always welcoming, helpful, and friendly. The make dealing with repairs a positive experience. Anderson is GREAT!"- Nikki Heun on Google+

10/21/12 - "Anderson Auto Body rocks! The owners are courteous, honest, dependable and it was a joy working with them. I will confidently take all my auto body needs to them in the future." - Molly Killefer on Google+

10/10/12 - "Anderson Autobody did a fantastic job repairing my van. Plus staff was very friendly, helpful and made sure I understood exactly what needed to be done. Thanks for such great service!" - Claudia VanDyke on Google+

10/2/2012 - “Anderson's took outstanding care of me and my car, with fast and perfect service. I highly recommend this bodyshop and its owners.” – Beth C. on Yelp

10/1/2012 -“Anderson's Auto is wonderful! I hit a deer a week and half ago. I called Anderson, they towed my car, worked with the adjuster and fixed my car in a very timely manner. My car looks brand new. They provide great customer service and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them!” – Tammy T. on Yelp

9/30/2012 -  “Nice folks who do great work!  I took my car to Anderson after I was rear ended at the I5 Ashland exit. The service I received was prompt and courteous and my car was repaired quickly. Anderson Auto Body is my first choice for repairs!” – Beckie Elgen on OregonLive

9/25/2012 - “We love Anderson. Friendly and courteous service, and they never made me feel stupid for asking questions. They worked on our stratus and did such a beautiful job. The car came back clean and perfect. We would use them again!” –Drew A. on Yelp

9/25/2012 - “It all started a year ago. My car needed some body work and Andersons repaired it so beautifully that it sold for top dollar. I was then able to choose an all wheel drive Subaru from their fleet of rebuilt vehicles. From start to finish, every step of the way, these people were trustworthy, skilled, and courteous.” – Robin E. on CitySeach

9/13/2012 - “Truly a superb service and experience. By the time I got to the shop they already had all the information from my insurance company.They ordered the parts that day, received them the next and the car was ready for me the day after. Excellent, courteous service, clean shop, could not be better.” - Gideon on Yahoo

 9/13/2012 - “"FRIENDLY! HONEST! PROFESSIONAL! Anderson proved that there are folks in this Valley who really want to help their customers. After I had gotten a very high quote for my car repairs, I felt so helpless and vulnerable. The minute I walked into Anderson's, the employees made me feel at home. Even though they have so many customers, they dropped everything to give me a reasonable quote. What a difference!When I picked up my car, it looked and drove like new. not only that, but Two employees even complied with my extra "touch up request" gladly and made me feel that my. Usiness was with their time. My car looks and drives like new, and I would recommend Anderson's hands down any time!” – Carol Sunahara on OregonLive

9/12/2012 - “I was told what a great place Anderson Body and Paint was, and now have experienced it! I was hit, not my fault one again! Dave and Aurel were so helpful walking me through this, they even arranged a rental close by so save stress on me! Very Timely and incredible work... I would and have recommend Anderson very highly!!” – Susan Quitt on Manta & OregonLive

9/10/2012 - “Fantastic autobody shop! Prompt service, reliable, and easy to work with. Staff is friendly and helpful. Thanks for doing such a great job on my van!”  -Unknown Yahoo User on Yahoo

9/6/2012 - “They did good work, were efficient & friendly & worked well with our insurance company. I would use them again.” – Steven Wells on Google+

9/4/2012 - “I have worked for Farmers Insurance for over 5 years and these guys rock! Not only because they are one of our preferred but they can fix ANYTHING! A few months ago my car got vandalized, so naturally I took it to ANDERSON AUTO BODY. They put me in a car to get around while they had mine. When I came back I was extremely pleased with the results, you would never know there was any damage done to my car! Thank you ANDERSON AUTO BODY. SO personally and professionally I highly recommend this shop.”  - Shannel Smith on Google+

8/26/2012 - “I've needed auto body shop work several times over the past 5 years and each time, at the request of my insurance company, I've gotten 3 bids from different body shops.  Anderson always comes in lowest and they've always done a GREAT job for me, making the car look good as new.  They're considerate and polite, give me rides to and from home to shop and back while they work on my car, and I like keeping my $$ in Ashland.  I recommend Anderson Auto Body.” – Gayle Wilson on Manta, OregonLive, CitySearch & AndersonAutoBody.com

8/21/2012 - “I had a great experience with Anderson Auto Body. They are efficient, professional, friendly, helpful and do top quality work. I will not hesitate to recommend them and will use them for my auto body needs in the future.” – Margaret on Yahoo

8/15/2012 -“I had a great experience with Anderson Auto Body. They were considerate and friendly. I had a good time with the person who was in charge of my car when I had to have it fix. They offered me coffee. They also had a car waiting for me while my was getting fix. Boy they are fast. I had my car the next afternoon. I recommend them to everybody I know.” - Unknown Yahoo user on Yahoo

8/14/2012 - “Thanks to the great family at Anderson auto body my car looks better than it did before someone hit it. They took out the dents, defogged my head lights (I had paided another place to do this with no change to the lights) Wow what a improvement! They touched up my scratches and my car looks great! Can’t thank you enough. They even fixed my stand up paddle board! You are the best!!!!” - Kathy on Yahoo

8/17/2012 - “I will use Anderson Auto Body for all my future auto body needs.  They are fast, friendly, efficient, professional, and a joy to work with.  I will also not hesitate to recommend them to others in the future.” – Molly K. on OregonLive & Yelp

8/17/2012 - “While having to visit an auto body shop isn't on the top of my list of things to do, there are occasions that other people decide your car would look better with a crunch, dent, ding or scratch. It is during those times that it is helpful to have a place like Anderson Auto Body around to get.

I've used a few local auto body and towing services in the valley and have always come away with a bit of a bad taste (usually delays, excuses and additional expenses for one thing or another). Now that I've found Anderson I won't be going elsewhere.

As a business owner myself I appreciate the dedication of Dave and his crew at getting me in and out on a timely basis and the quality work they perform. Galina in the front office is top notch at keeping me well informed as to the progress of any work being performed and there are never any SURPRISES when it comes time to pay.

If you like to work with STARS, this is the place to go.

The crew at Anderson comes with my highest recommendation (I even send family there).” – Brent A. on Yelp

8/13/2012 - "Where do I start?  There's so much to say!  Perfect customer service.  They made me feel at home & welcome right when I walked in the door.  As for their work, it couldn't be better.  After they painted my Honda Civic I called my friends over to see and they were all blown away.  5 stars hands down.  I'd recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work!" - Aric Alcantara on Yahoo

8/13/2012 -“We've gone to Anderson Auto Body and Paint for two separate accident repairs. (We were the ones who got hit both times, honest!) Anderson did a great job for us. Our truck was t-boned, and the repair and paint match perfectly. We hope to stay out of harm's way, but if we ever need auto body work again, Anderson is definitely our first choice. The people are friendly and helpful, price is right, and delivery is on time. Perfect!” – Mitzi Miles-Kubota on Yahoo, OregonLive, Yelp, Google+, CitySearch & Manta

 8/13/2012 - “These folks are wonderful! We broke a tail light while staying in Ashland, and Anderson's ordered the part and repaired it within 24 hours so we didn't have to drive home broken. They even washed the car for us!  Super nice, great work and a reasonable price.” - Missus T. on Yelp

 8/12/2012 - “Anderson Auto Body Repair in Ashland, Oregon is a very friendly and helpful establishment. The quote we received was $200.00 less than the other quote we got, we plan on using Anderson's.” -Deb. Y on Yelp

 8/10/2012 - “Imagine waiting in a line for gas and you get sideswiped--the engine's not even on and the truck does not even stop or notice until we ran him down. We were newbies returning to the United States and to Ashland after 10 years overseas and didn't know the ins and outs anymore so we inquired....not only from friends, but also from our respectable insurance company. Everyone told us the same thing.... GO TO ANDERSONs. I said, "The same Anderson's that was here before I left?" to which the responded a resounding YES. The reasons why: he's very honest, gives to local charities, supports the community, and guarantees the work for a lifetime. The people I asked are all community organizers, so when they talk about reputable, honest, and gives to charities, I listened.

The work was not only impeccable, but the service was very congenial and they also kept me apprised of the status of the job. Thank you Anderson's--you restored my confidence in work on my car and community involvement.” –Eileen Dunn on facebook

8/10/2012 - "Anderson Auto Body is everything you would want in a Auto Body Shop. Great service, very friendly staff and most of all your car comes back looking like new- 5 stars!” - 6ak2k, HI on OregonLive

8/10/2012 - “A few years ago my father came up from Arizona for a visit. On the way he had someone knock off his mirror on his car. His visit was short but the people at Anderson made sure his mirror was completed on time so he could continue his travels! Thank you so much!” - David Heun on Yahoo

8/9/2012 - “Anderson Auto Body & Paint does it the right way. I've been in two small accidents where there was bumper and paint damage, and I've been more than pleased with my experience at Andersons! I felt 100% comfortable giving them my 2011 BMW 128i to work on for a couple of quick days. And even better, the car is returned beautifully detailed and cleaned. If you want professional quality work, experienced crew, and unbeatable customer service Anderson Auto Body & Paint is where you belong.” – Hudson Wallbank on Google+

 8/9/2012 - “My daughter needed a light fixed. I went to one place that took the light out, told me it couldn't be fixed and then quoted me something like $450! They did not offer to put the light back in - there was no way I could let my daughter drive that car! I mean come on!! On a fluke I stopped at Anderson, they let my daughter pick up the light from a dealer (she was right there) rather than wait several days for it to arrive. They fixed the light in a matter of hours and at an extremely reasonable rate. They were super sweet, eager for the work and I would go there again, I always recommend them to anyone who needs help. I have gone there again for other problems. Never change - it is such a pleasure to be treated well when you need your car fixed!” - Kristen Giroux on Google+

8/9/2012 - “We had a minor fender bender & the other driver's insurance was paying. Anderson's was so easy to work with from scheduling the repairs to answering questions to making sure our car looked great again. Thanks!” – Tami Dickinson on OregonLive & Manta

8/8/2012 - "I've had my car repaired three times at Anderson Auto in Ashland.  Each time I received very courteous service, great quality work and unbelievable prices.  One week after a minor door ding, a hit & run driver re-dinged my Volvo wagor door.  They gave me a super deal to repair the dent and repaint it, because they had such empathy.  I will always take car dents & repairs to the guys at Anderson's!!!" - Susan Roudebush on OregonLive

8/8/2012 - “My bumper was hit while I was parked on the street. The only part about the whole affair was that Anderson Auto Body made it so easy and even pleasurable to get it fixed. They dealt with the insurance and their staff was so kind. My bumper looked better than new when I got it back! I highly recommend them!” - Kathryn Flynn on Google+

 8/8/2012 - “Great place, great people, and most of all, your car comes back looking better than new!” -Anna A. on Manta & Yahoo

8/7/2012 - "We have had our Toyota Camry repaired twice at Anderson Auto Body and have been very pleased with quality of work done, along with good service and friendly folks. They have a very professional staff." - Joan Heiken on Google+

8/6/2012 - “I frequently call Anderson's and say "Have I told you lately how much I love my Subaru?".  It all started last August when my car needed some body work.  While Kirkland was working up the estimate Dave Anderson drove up and asked what happened, he then said "You need a Subaru!".  I had wanted a 4 wheel drive for a couple of years, just couldn't see it happening. The folks at Anderson Auto Body & Paint made it happen.  My car was repaired so beautifully, it sold for top dollar.  It was such a positive process.  Then they helped me find just the right Subaru in their rebuilt fleet. Now that they do oil changes I can come see them every 3,000 miles and know my car is getting the best care possible. Anderson Auto Body & Paint, they're more than a body shop, they're like family.” - Robin on Yelp, OregonLive & Manta

8/5/2012 - “I have known Dave Anderson for over 10 years. I have purchased two vehicles from Dave, and had several vehicles repaired in his auto body shop. The quality of his work is unsurpassed. He is ethical and concerned that he does everything to satisfy his customers. I am impressed with his lifetime guarantee which speaks volumes about his work. I highly recommend Anderson Auto Body to all potential customers.” – Gary Einhorn on Google+

8/5/2012 - “Anderson's is the cleanest shop around. The workers are polite and meticulous.  AND they are involved in the Community, painting the Holiday Lanterns for the Chamber of Commerce.  Clean shop, polite workers, community involvement equals a shop worth its while.” - Graham on AndersonAutoBody.com

 8/5/2012 - “Kirkland offered exemplary service and spotless delivery. I could not find a trace of the body damage! I will recommend Anderson to anyone I know who needs auto body work.” – Julian Spalding

  8/4/2012 - “About 4 years ago I dealt with Anderson Auto Body in Ashland, I was involved in an at fault accident :-(. Anderson provided me options either go OE (original equipment) or go aftermarket and save 700 dollars. I did the economical thing and was very happy with the results and service!” - Ben LaMere owner Affordable Locksmiths on AndersonAutoBody.com

  8/4/2012 - “I have used Anderson in Ashland twice for body work and both times my experience was completely pleasant.  Their staff is helpful, honest, and efficient.  The work was impeccable.  I would (and have) recommended them to anyone I know who needs body work done.” – Rebecca Brunot on AndersonAutoBody.com

  8/4/2012 - “Anderson’s did such a tremendous job on our car. I was in an accident with my infant daughter and it was really traumatizing to have to deal with all the insurance headache since it was the other driver's fault. Not only did Anderson’s help us with the process, they even drove to Medford to get a new carseat for us. The car came back so perfect, and it really put my mind at ease to drive it afterwards. Thank you!” – Grace Aspinwall on AndersonAutoBody.com

  8/4/2012 - “We would recommend everyone we know to Anderson Auto Body.  They have fixed our daughters car not once but twice.  They are always pleasant to talk to and very helpful.  We love Anderson Auto Body” - Sig and Sandi Thurnbauer on AndersonAutoBody.com

 8/3/2012 - “I had a minor fender bender and was definitely frustrated that I would have to send my car in to be fixed.  When I called Anderson they were accommodating, friendly, and ready to check out my car.  Not only were they able to take my car in just days after the accident, they had a loaner car ready for me, and it was free! The estimate was right on, and my car looks way better than before.  Thank you so much!” - Colleen on AndersonAutoBody.com

 7/26/2012 - “Just to let you know... I actually ENJOYED my experience with everyone I dealt with at your business!  We had a hit and run accident and were very upset.  You made the entire experience so easy including the hot loaner car.  Thanks again.” Eric Simpson on AndersonAutoBody.com

 7/23/2012 - “My boyfriend and I went there today to get an estimate for a few chips on his car, thanks to a large limb falling on his car. Aurel was awesome! Very friendly, attentive, very patient and explained everything clearly. He gave us a quote and explained it all really well. I will be recommending this company to anyone who needs any sort of repair or repaint. We were very impressed!” -Kehl (Lykta) on Yahoo

 7/18/2012 - “I hate that I had to use Anderson Auto Body & Paint--after all it was an accident that got me there, but how grateful that this shop is here and does such wonderful work. I could not even tell that it had been dented and the paint matched perfect. The insurance took care of it all and I didn't have to do anything but bring my car to them. Thank you for the great work you do. I highly recommend Anderson Auto Body & Paint.” - Bunny Lewis on AndersonAutoBody.com and Yelp

 7/18/2012 - “We bought a repaired used car from Dave Anderson in 1996, and ever since then we have returned to Dave whenever we needed another car or repair work.  It's not just his honesty and good workmanship, but his uplifting attitude and sense of humor.  They make the process of repair after an accident easy and quick.  They take away accident depression with lightness and efficiency.” - Martin Thommes on AndersonAutoBody.com

 7/18/2012 - “I haven't had any problems yet with my cars, but knowing this family you would be the first place I would come! Hard working, loyal, earth conscience and honest, I would recommend this business to everyone!” - Ashley on Yahoo & AndersonAutoBody.com

 7/9/2012 - “Cannot say enough great things about Anderson Autobody& Paint...they were on time with their estimate of repair, gave a loaner truck for my business use, and was even less money than where I have gone before.  Will use them again, if needed.” – Ron Parenteau on Google+

7/5/2012 - “Thank you very much for making my Subaru look like new again.  That was an excellent job in and outside.” -Maria Braham by Mail

6/29/2012 - "I have never been as amazed at an auto body shop as I was when I went here. The work needed on my car was done extremely fast, very efficiently, and at an extremely reasonable price by extremely friendly people. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs any sort of body work to be done on their car. I know for a fact I will definitely be coming back to this place every time I need to get body work done again." - Austin Rose on Yelp, CitySearch, Google+, OregonLive & Manta

6/6/2012 - "I took my car to Anderson's this week to have a new door put on.  Dave is the most honest and kind man I have done business with in the valley.  He follows through with his word and his staff does top notch work and are all friendly and helpful.  I recommend them for anything needed.  Plus, they recycle the parts and therefore are good for our world too!  Thanks so much, it was a pleasure and I am grateful that my car looks brand new!"  - Julie on AndersonAutoBody.com

 4/8/2012 - “Have used them for my truck once and for my wife's three cars many times over the years. They are just plainly awesome to work with. I have a tendency to by hyper-critical. So, it is a treat to deal with such a pleasant, accurate, friendly, competent company with so much integrity.” - Jim on Yelp

 9/28/2011 - “Want to thank Juan Lopez and his fine crew. We have 2010 Suzuki Kasashi, black, which we had detailed at another shop. It was terribly botched with unattractive streaking everywhere. I thought it was ruined. Juan took care of it, made it look new…I was so impressed I took my old Miata to Anderson for a dent repair and paint…also just excellent. I highly recommend Anderson's and I will use them again…very professional with fine customer service.” - Clifton

 8/11/2011 - “Jhenna and I want to thank Juan Lopez and his excellent crew for the fantastic repair and painting job they did for us. Our truck looks like new. Juan provided a repair estimate we could afford. Then he made all the necessary repairs and repainted the truck. From our first meeting until the job was finished, he and his staff were courteous, helpful, and competent. They completed the work in a timely manner. We were very pleased with the outcome of the work done by the Anderson Auto Body and Paint Company. The service we received was rare in this day and age. We highly recommend Juan and his team if your vehicle has been in an accident and you want it repaired correctly.”

 6/22/2011 - “An excellent experience- my BMW Z3 was injured when a friend backed in to it. The car is my one personal indulgence and means a lot to me. Juan and Kirkland provided the high level of attention and care that was needed. The car is now returned to original condition and once again Juan has come through. This is a great company.” - Paul

 3/4/2011 - “To all at Anderson Auto Body: Thank you for the most incredible and complete detailing job on my "way past overdue" 2006 Subaru. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone. I will be in much sooner for a touch up so that you don't have to work so hard next time.” - Janet

 2/12/2011 - “Dear Kirkland: I want you to know how pleased I am with the work that was done on my 2002 Escape. It looks like nothing ever happened. Anderson did the work quickly and I was treated with courtesy and good customer service. Thank you for returning the car much cleaner than it was when I turned it over to you!. The detail job is very much appreciated. I will recommend Anderson to friends and family for all auto repair needs when I have the opportunity. Kudos for a job well done!” - Patricia 

7/9/2010 - “My car was mashed from behind by someone who wasn't paying attention. I took my car to Anderson and was very pleased with the service I got. The manager, Juan, is everything a manager of a business should be. He and his team are courteous, efficient, professional. They handled everything from the insurance to the rental car. I wish every business was this pleasant to deal with.” - Tami on Yelp  



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