Anderson Auto Body understands how important your vehicle is to you.  We know that getting in an accident is not only scary, but also stressful, and inconvenient.  We also understand that for many of our customers, it is their first time being in an accident.  before after rangerBeing their first time dealing with an insurance claim, and the first time needing auto body repairs, they need to be well informed of the repair process.  We have knowledgeable estimators that have been working in the industry for decades.  They will explain the repair process, keep you informed while your car is in our shop, and take care of all the auto body repairs, necessary alignments, mechanical repairs, windshield repairs, insurance claim processing, and whatever else is needed to get your car back on the road, in pre-accident condition.

When you choose Anderson Auto Body to handle the collision repair of your vehicle, we will take care of all the following:

  • Make arrangements for towing: We have a flat bed tow truck that can pick up your vehicle and bring it to our shop for repairs.  In the event that we cannot do the tow, we will find a local company that can pick up your vehicle in a timely manner and bring it to our facility to be fixed.
  • Work with your insurance company: We are a direct repair shop for many insurance companies; we also have the ability to work with all insurance companies, and with all insurance claims.  We will submit all the necessary paperwork to the insurance responsible for your claim throughout the repair, and keep you informed along the way.  As a customer, the only thing you really need to do regarding the insurance company, is simple.  Give them a call and let them know that Anderson Auto Body will be fixing your car.  They will give you a claim number, which you will provide to us.  Once we get the claim number from you, we will contact the necessary adjusters or insurance clientele, and begin the repair process. 
  • Provide shuttle service: We gladly provide a shuttle service to and from our facility when dropping off your vehicle for repairs, or when picking up your vehicle when repairs are complete.  Just give us a call and let us know that you will need a ride, and we will be happy to pick you up or take you home.
  • Provide rental service: Anderson Auto Body now has rental vehicles available to customers who are having repairs done in our facility.  They are 2013 Toyota Corollas and 2016 Hyundai Elantras.  In the event that all of our rental vehicles are out, we will gladly provide you with a ride to a rental company of your choice.  If you would like a recommendation for a rental car company, or you would like us to handle that step for you, let us know.  We will gladly provide some direction in finding a rental car company, or take care of the necessary arrangements for you. We will also give you a ride to pick up or drop off your rental car when renting a vehicle from another company.
  • Offer a free loaner car: Anderson Auto Body has a fleet of loaner cars available to customers who are having repairs done in our shop, those who do not have rental car coverage, or who are handling repairs out of pocket. Our vehicles are older, but reliable. We do not charge for use of our loaner cars, but ask that you return the vehicle with the same amount of gas as when you picked it up.
  • Complete auto body repairs associated with the collision: Anderson Auto Body has a team of certified, highly trained auto body technicians that are knowledgeable in the repairs of all makes and models, foreign and domestic. We warranty all of our auto body repairs, and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the work we do!
  • Address all mechanical issues associated with the collision: Anderson Auto Body will make sure that all mechanical issues associated with the collision are taken care of before you pick up your vehicle.  We perform many minor mechanical repairs in house.  For mechanical repairs that we do not perform in house, we sublet the repairs to trusted auto repair shops in the valley. We transport your vehicle to and from their shop, so you don't have to!
  • Ensure your vehicle is properly aligned:  Though we do not perform alignments in house, we sublet the repair to reputable shops in the Rogue Valley. We transport your vehicle to and from their shop, saving you the time and hassle!  Also, in driving your vehicle back to our shop, we can get a feel for how your vehicle is handling after the collision, and after the alignment. 
  • Handle all windshield repairs & replacements: Anderson Auto Body ensures that your cracked and broken windshields that are a result of the collision will be repaired or replaced while repairs are being done in our shop.  We now perform our windshield replacements in house.  In the event that windshield repair is needed, and we cannot perform the service ourselves, we sublet the work to trusted auto glass technicians who perform the repairs in our facility. 
  • Wash & Vacuum: Anderson Auto Body wants you to be happy when you pick up your car; and we are certain you will be.  We go the extra mile!  When all the necessary repairs are complete on your vehicle, we hand wash your car and give it a quick vacuum, at no charge to you!  It is our way of saying thank you for choosing us, and another way to make you happy you did! 

All while completing your repair in a timely manner!!!

We are confident in the work we do, and in our ability to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition.  We warranty all of our repairs, providing you with peace of mind.  Getting in an accident is scary, but it doesn't have to be stressful and inconvenient.  We do as much as we can to ensure the repair process is a worry free, stress free, experience for you!! We know you will be more than satisfied with your experience with us.

Below is a before and after picture of one of the cars we repaired in our shop.  Stay tuned: We will soon be posting more before and after pictures on our website!! If you would like to hear from our customers about their experience with Anderson Auto Body, please check out the reviews portion of our website (accessible from our homepage), or find us on Google and Yelp.

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