Airbags and Seatbelts:

Replacing your deployed airbags and testing to ensure the system is functioning correctly is essential after a collision. Some vehicle manufacturers also suggest replacement of stressed seatbelts after an accident. For these significant safety items, we provide original manufacturer replacement parts, and resetting of the diagnostic lamps and electronic systems. 

Getting in an accident and having your airbags deploy is scary.  The impact is hard on our bodies, and on our vehicles.  It is imperative that your vehicle is repaired correctly, to ensure that in the event of future accidents, that the seatbelts and airbags are not comprised, and continue to do their jobs!  At Anderson Auto Body & Paint, we are experienced professionals, and can ensure that your airbags and seatbelts are properly installed, keeping you safe when you are back on the road.  For further details, or to set up a time to drop off your vehicle for repair, contact our professionals at 541.488.3635.

Headlight Restoration:

Many vehicles have cloudy, scratched, hazy, or yellowed headlight lenses caused by the suns UV rays, and normal wear and tear.  Having dull headlights results in compromised safety and appearance. Restoring your headlight lenses will greatly improve night-time visibility, clarity, and appearance. 

Many body shops in the Rogue Valley can perform headlight restoration, but Anderson Auto Body & Paint does the process for a fraction of the price.  We charge $27 per headlight, $54 for the pair.  The process takes about a half hour to restore both headlights, and the improvement in night time driving visibility is truly amazing!  Your headlights will look practically brand new!!  If you are interested in having your headlights restored, give us a call at 541.488.3635 to set up an appointment.  You will not be disappointed! 

FREE—Light Safety Inspections:

Are you having trouble seeing at night?  Your declined nighttime driving visibility could be the result of dull headlights or poorly aimed headlights.  Stop by for a free inspection of all your exterior vehicle lights. If you need a replacement bulb, we may be able to replace it while you wait, or we can order you the needed light. We can aim your headlights, and provide headlight restoration if needed.  Give us a call at 541.488.3635 to set up a light safety inspection.

Auto Glass Replacement:

If you need your windshield repaired or replaced, give us a call at 541.488.3635.  Though we do not perform auto glass replacement and repair ourselves, we sublet the work to trusted professionals who do the work in house. 

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