1/30/13:  We LOVE our customers!! With the month of LOVE right around the corner, we've decided to give a BOX OF LOCAL (made right here in Ashland), valentinesforcustomersHANDMADE CHOCOLATE FROM BRANSON'S CHOCOLATES TO ALL OF OUR CUSTOMERS. Check out the goody bags we're giving out all February long!! (We're thinking about making it a permanent thing!! Using local gifts and highlighting different LOCAL companies.)

 If you have any ideas on other local businesses we can support by purchassing products for our goody bags...please let us know.



From Left to Right: Livia Genise (Camelot), Aurel Jarcov, Dave Anderson, Galina Apreotesi

It was hard to keep it all a secret for two weeks from their father, but Galina and Aurel, managed to keep the award under wraps.  As Livia Genise, artistic director of the Camelot Theatre, started describing characteristics of the recipient of the service business of the year award, you could see Dave's facial expressions unravel as he began to realize "Hey, that could be me she's talking about."  As Livia continued expaining the work and background of the winner of this award you could see Dave as he began sitting up straighter, his cheeks becoming a little more red, and his face tightening and becoming a bit more serious.  You could see that nerves were starting to fill his body, as he prepared for the possible visit to the stage.  What was he going to say??  As Livia announced the winner, and called Dave Anderson, owner of Anderson Auto Body to the stage to receive the esteemed award, Dave looked over at his children with an overwhelmed and shocked expression.  Being a fit man, who works out daily and eats very healthy, the vibrant owner of the shop walked swiftly to the stage, leaving in the dust his son and daughter, who were trying desperately to keep up with their father.  Dave gets on stage, is handed the SERVICE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR award, a glass pumpkin blown by Gathering Glass Studio, and exclaims "I am so nervous, I hope I don't forget how to speak English!"  The crowd of over 300 local business owners broke out in laughter, as Dave continued his "thank you" speech in English, with no problems.  He explained to everyone how shocked he was that he had been recognized for this award, and that he really would have never, in a million years, expected that he would be on stage.  He told the crowd of his amazement that he could be where is today, coming from a poor village in Romania with literally nothing to speak of, and making it all happen in this beautiful country he is so grateful to call home.  As he closed, said a final thank you to the audience, he turned to his daughter and son, and exited the stage a proud, humbled business owner!  October 18, 2012 marked a day that Dave will not soon forget, a culminating moment where goals were not only achieved, but were recognized by a community! 

It must be said:  Thank you to all of our staff for making us shine, for the hard work that you do, and for the consistent quality that is provided to all of our customers.  Thank you to our customers for your continued patronage, for telling your friends and family about our shop, and for helping us to keep our doors open.  It is because of you that we are in business, and we are thankful that we have the opportunity to serve such an amazing community. 

Here is the link to the Ashland Chamber of Commerce site to view all award recipients at the 2012 Chamber of Commerce Awards Dinner.


Bernadette Sanchez!!

After an almost unanimous decision by our staff and our two outside judges, Levi Anderson (SidFilmz, web designer) and Brian LeBlanc (SidFilmz, photographer and sign maker), Bernadette Sanchez is announced the winner of our "Search for a Jingle" Contest.  The lyrics to her winning jingle are listed below.  Watch the video to view the judging of the videos, a recap of all jingle entries, and the footage of breaking the news to Bernadette during her lunch break at work.  This video, along with the video of our iPAD giveaway contest, was produced by Levi Anderson of SidFilmz.

"Got a ding or dent
That you wish wasn't there
Call Anderson Auto Body
They'll smooth and repair
All your car care needs
At a price that's really fair
It's Anderson Auto Body

Lucky Ticket: 584053 Left on Manta 08/15/2012 by Robin                                                      

A couple of months back, after receiving a great review of our shop, our office staff here at Anderson's started thinking of how we could robinsay "thank you" to our customers for telling others about their excellent experience with us.  The idea blossomed into the "iPAD giveaway" contest, entering a raffle ticket into the "fish bowl" for every review that had been left about us.  The tickets compiled in our "fish bowl" over a couple of months, reaching over 70 raffle tickets by the cut-off day, September 30, 2012.  On October 2, 2012, Dave Anderson (owner of Anderson's) drew the lucky ticket, making Robin E. the recipient of a New iPAD.  We got it all on tape, from the drawing of the ticket, Dave dancing in excitement, to breaking the news to Robin at her work. 


From all of us here at Anderson's, THANK YOU for not only choosing us for all of your auto body repairs, but also for telling others about your experience with us.  Thank you for telling your friends and family where to go when they need help with their vehicles, and for writing reviews about our shop online!  We feel the love, and we send it right back atcha!

Robin's Winning Review:  8/15/2012- "I frequently call Anderson Auto Body & Paint to say "Have I told you lately how much I love my Subaru?" It all started a year ago. My car needed body work and I wanted to move up to an all wheel drive. From start to finish my experience with Andersons was very positive. My car was fixed so beautifully, it brought top dollar. Then I was helped to find just the right Subaru from their rebuilt fleet. I am so very happy. Now that they do oil changes, I can visit every 3000 miles and know my Subaru is getting the best care possible! These are folks that can turn a negative experience into a positive one!" on Manta

Thanks Jan for your entry to our "Search for a Jingle" Contest.  Jan called in afterhours and left a jingle on our voicemail.  Here's her jingle with the lyrics:

"Come to Anderson's Paint and Body Repair, for every make, model, and year."

Just a few minutes ago, Robin, a loyal, friendly customer, came in to have us shoot a video of her singing her jingle idea.  We definetly had fun with this one.  Lovin' the twang at the end!

BTW- Robin didn't have a way to make the video and submit it online...so we did it for her.  If you have any ideas and don't have a way to enter them in the contest, come on by our shop and we'll do it for you! 

Send in your ideas by video today...only 6 days left.

Here are the lyrics:

Anderson Auto Body & Paint
Afraid to fix your crunches...
No they ain't!!
Their workin' isn't iffy
They'll fix it in a jiffy
So you're in good hands

Tell us what you think of the jingle submissions on our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/andersonautobody

Over the weekend we received an entry for our "Search for a Jingle" contest!!!  This entry was submitted by Bernadette, and has the "tentative" vote of Galina and Aurel in the office here at Anderson's.

"got a ding or dent
that you wish wasn't there
call Anderson Auto Body
they'll smooth and repair
all you car care needs
at a price that's really fair
it's Anderson Auto Body
for all your auto repairs"

Gotta say it...she has an amazing voice!  You can tell us which video submission is your favorite by visiting our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/andersonautobody!  Your input would be great.

Check out our latest entry to our "Search for a Jingle" contest, submitted by Rafe Tejada-Ingram.  He definitely went all out in his video submission, and has won the vote from owner, Dave Anderson.  Dave says, "That's the best one so far!"  Here are lyrics:

"Oh Man...just back into the bosses truck...I can't belive this.  So I called Anderson Auto Body & Paint.  541-488-3635.  My ride was smashed.  But now it's looking so great.  Took it to Anderson Auto Body & Paint.  So if your car needs repair, don't worry, don't hesitate.  Just call Anderson Auto Body & Paint."

Anderson Auto Body & Paint just recently joined Thrive, and their Buy Local Buy Rogue campaign.  The Buy Local Buy Rogue campaign is "a non-profit business alliance of locally owned, independent businesses committed to building a more socially, environmentally and financially sustainable economy in the Rogue Valley."  Our commitment to our community and the environment is evident through our continuous efforts to further reduce the amount of waste accumulated through our auto body repairs.  We recycle just about everything used in the shop, and are proud to say that each day we are making conscious steps in the right direction.  We understand the importance of supporting local businesses, and are proud to say that we choose local products for our business and personal use whenever possible.  Being a local, independent, family owned and operated business, we support the local movement, and recognize the need for building up our local economy by choosing to buy local products, and by keeping our money local! 


Buy Local Buy Rogue has organized "Eat Local Week", asking members of our community to pledge to eating local from September 7-16.  Four members of our crew have taken the pledge to eat local for this event, including Dave Anderson (owner), Blake Imus (technician), Jesse Walter (detailer), and Galina Apreotesi (marketing).  In conjunction with this event, we have locally roasted Good Bean Coffee, locally made Rogue Valley Honey, and Umpqua Dairy 1/2 & 1/2 available for our customers and crew.  We do understand that coffee is grown much further away than the 200 mile radius deemed "local".  In our efforts to both support our local coffee roasters and agreement to not deprive our customers of the crucial morning pick-me-up, we believe that we have reached a solid compromise when it comes to coffee being consumed during "Eat Local Week."  The decision to eat local was much easier than the actual process of creating meals that are entirely LOCAL.  In the most simplest of terms, it is not as easy as we thought.  It has been an interesting challenge, and has forced us to open our eyes to how to difficult it is to eat nothing but products that are produced right here in the Rogue Valley.  Buy Local Buy Rogue says "The purpose of the challenge is to spend some time thinking about where your food comes from and support our local farm and food businesses during the bounty of the harvest season."  We appreciate this challenge, and the way it has forced us to examine our everyday meals, and helped us to realize how far our food travels to get into our bellies.

local auto body repair local collision repair local products local business ashland auto body repair medford auto body repair

Yeah!!!  This is our first OFFICIAL entry for our "Search for a Jingle" Contest, sent in from Adrienne Weiss.  We received this video over the Labor Day Weekend, and we all love it.  Here are lyrics, as well as the video she sent in.  You can also go to our you-tube page at http://www.youtube.com/andersonautobody.

"Got a dent, a scratch
Paint that doesn't match
Call Anderson Auto Body!
Been in a crash, a smash
An unfortunate mishap
Call Anderson Auto Body!"

Here's another video submitted by our outside judges, Brian LeBlanc and Levi Anderson.  They love the camera, and it shows!!  Because these guys are the judges they cannot win the prizes...unless there is no competition.  So come on people, really, send in your videos!

This video is hilarious, and informative.  Our two outside judges, Levi Anderson and Brian LeBlanc, show the world how easy (and fun) it is to enter our "Search for a Jingle" contest.

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